We'd Like You to Meet Dyler The Hammerhead...He's a Shark on the Phone.

Who Would Use This Type of Service?

Most startup businesses, small and medium businesses, and home office operations would benefit immensely from our services. A lot of business owners do not have the ambition or confidence to pick up the phone and call their own customers or clients. Business Development Dispatch is an easy solution for small business owners who can now execute an effective campaign with an expert right at their side. Businesses can also take advantage of the unique, quick and easy dispatch set up on our website. Even if your request is last minute, we'll be there for you the next day.

How Do I Get Started? 

You can call for a complimentary phone consultation. Clients are asked to have prepared their own leads, scripts, closing statements and overall concept of their campaign. Additional consulting services can be used in order to create and develop a more strategic campaign.

What Does My Investment Include? 

A Business Development Dispatch expert will be dispatched to your home or office for the entire business day. Hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm. Your Business Development Dispatch expert will arrive with their own technology in hand. That includes; a laptop, a dedicated mobile home phone and any other administrative tools that are required for the campaign. The mobile home phone device is a great feature as the mobile home phone device is portable and can be brought to any client's home or office. That way we are not tying up your own business landlines or cell phones. Our phone plans include any long distance calling to the United States and Canada. It's a great voice solution in order to execute your campaigns.

Do You Provide Leads? 

No we do not provide leads. Business Development Dispatch is not in the business of buying, selling, trading or supplying leads. This kind of intellectual property is held strictly in confidence and only used for the purposes of our clients and their campaigns.  

How Does Business Development Dispatch Improve Economic Growth? 

We will show you how to create micro business diversification plans that will tap into each business owner's local community and economy. Besides revenue, the growth of a business also relies on suppliers, partners and its employees.

How Much Value Am I Getting Out Of This? 

Business Development Dispatch is providing your small business a large corporate image. With high integrity and passion, the experts working with you will deliver results. When your customers and clients receive such a high level of excellence in customer service, sales, marketing and/or business development, we are literally elevating your business to a level never seen before by your customers or clients.  

How Many Leads Do I Need? 

Based on the average handling time of each lead you provide, your reach could extend to well over 150 leads each day. For a small business owner, that is a lot. For those business owners who have never experienced working in a call centre, telemarketing division or a fast paced sales job before, we will show you just how productive an expert can be by simply doing one thing...staying on the phone.