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As a unique field service company, we provide our clients an alternative option for hiring professional sales reps. Through our mobile sales call centre solution, we will make your small business profitable.



Business Development Executive - Timothy Akalu    

     Prior to entering the entrepreneur space in 2010, Timothy excelled well beyond the average professional in Fortune 500 bilingual corporate call centre environments. His French language skillset is a major asset in Canadian call centre culture. This gave him the professional training and development needed to create his own company as it is today. 

     Timothy grew from The B.C. Urban Entrepreneur Development Association, and over the past 8 years has created many start-up businesses of his own. He has consistently worked in a B2B capacity, and his aptitude for business and economic development makes Timothy strive continuously for success. Having always done well in sales, Timothy now carries an international sales and business development portfolio, with a proven track record, and a client retention rate of over 90%.  

     After traveling and living in 5 capital cities in Canada, Timothy has become a trusted advisor and mentor for many entrepreneurs and small business owners all across Canada. Timothy regularly gives back to the community. Whether it was through community outreach, working with at-risk youth, producing job fair events, providing workshop facilitation, being a public speaker, volunteering his time, or just sharing his knowledge and expertise with others, working in the entrepreneur space for him is a no-brainer. Timothy welcomes the opportunity to work with others who are like-minded, driven and who share a passion for business and economic development.