We'd Like You to Meet Dyler The Hammerhead...He's a Shark on the Phone.

Stay Ahead of the Competition, Dial Like a Shark!

Our BDD consulting workshop is customised to fit your business or skill sets. You can mix and match any of these examples to find the exact sales training you need;

1. Strategic sales process & script development that will increase your revenue.
2. Discover new and improved marketability factors for your products and services.
3. Proper auditing techniques so that leads don't slip through the cracks.
4. Conquer any fears about making cold calls with realtime training.
5. Personalized attention with an expert at your side.
6. Hands-on learning materials that will develop your critical, practical and higher level thinking.
7. Self discovery learning about the type of salesperson you are.
8. Private 1-on-1 or group sales training options available, facilitated at your home or office.


Here’s how it works…

Our objective is to teach, coach and train sales reps, small business owners and entrepreneurs, who need to gain phone skills in order to succeed in business, or to gain larger revenue. In addition to improving phone skills, each participant will be provided a realtime cold calling opportunity to actual leads that are sourced by our company. For those who register early, your cold call will be coordinated in advance with one of our BDD partners, which will allow you an opportunity to complete an entire sales pitch. No information about you is shared with our leads; therefore it makes for a conducive conversation and a realtime cold call. During that time your BDD trainer will be evaluating your call. Within the following 2-3 business days of the workshop, you will receive a Quality Assurance form with all your feedback. Based on your cold call performance, the workshop will continue into the main areas as discussed up above.  

Additional time is always granted when needed to ensure the overall completion of your sales campaign is done. 

We offer one-on-one workshop facilitation which takes between 1-1.5 hours to complete your assigned tasks. 
A group of 2-5 participants will take approximately 2.5-3 hours to complete.
A group of 5-10 participants will take approximately 3-4.5 hours to complete.
A group of 10+ up to a maximum of 20 per class could take approximately 6 hours.