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Inside & Outside Sales


Inside & Outside Sales Campaign

Inside sales are your warm market or already existing customers or clients. Inside sales is a loose term for anyone who already has an existing relationship with you in some way, shape or form. It may not be an actual working relationship, but it constitutes some sort of interest in the business that you are currently operating. Outside sales is equivalent to picking up the big fat telephone book, and you start dialing for dollars. Although both campaigns are very simple, you will still want to develop a proper strategy for your campaign. Each inside or outside sales campaign can very easily target your niche market. It’s best to speak with your Business Development Dispatch expert prior to any phone work being started. We want to ensure that you are optimizing a return on your investment before you launch your campaign.

Terms and Conditions -  Clients of Business Development Dispatch are responsible to produce, manage, attain, retain, create and/or provide their own database information and client information. At no time is Business Development Dispatch responsible for the misuse of information, including email SPAM legislation, given to Business Development Dispatch and its subsidiaries/contractors/employees/agents/experts and/or affiliates.